Yellow Card App

'Yellow medication cards' are used throughout the New Zealand medical system to help patients manage multiple prescriptions. They contain information such as medicine name, strength, form, dosing and other special instructions.

These cards act as a reminder and reference sheet for patients, care-givers/family, and other medical staff. They can also prevent serious medication and prescribing errors in patients with multiple prescribers (e.g. GP, cardiologist, optometrist and dialysis unit). They are also useful for hospital discharge patients, who have changes to their medications and dosages - as GP and pharmacy systems don't get the changes updated automatically.

However, as these cards and paper-based, they are rarely updated, and often forgotten when patients need them most (such as hospital and specialist visits).

We're building a digital alternative to the yellow card, in the form of a simple, patient-friendly app. An electronic version would mean information can be updated easily and it would be readily available as patients are more likely to take their smart-phones to appointments. The app also aims to go beyond the functionality of the existing cards, assisting in improving patient adherence, patient education and connection to pharmacies (and ultimately other members of the patients care team).

This app won first place at the SNOMED 2016 SNApp Hackathon and we're moving towards running a patient trial.

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